“Hi Nancy,

I thought I’d pass along E’s ACT scores with you. Overall composite 34! Huge improvement!
English 33
math 34
reading 35
science 33

You will certainly meet our daughter next year when she is a junior.

Thanks again!”

“Nancy and John have helped me study for the PSAT, SAT and ACT. After studying for the PSAT with them and doing well, I decided to come back for the ACT and then the SAT. They taught me new tactics and strategies that facilitated in improving my scores on practice tests, eventually leading to good scores on the actual tests. In particular, John was helpful in preparing me by showing me what math topics were covered on the different tests, and giving me good strategies for both the math and ACT science sections . I was lacking tools for the reading sections, and Nancy shared her strategies for getting through the reading in a timely manner while also absorbing enough information to answer the questions. The sessions take place in their home where there are never any distractions and it’s an easy environment to focus in. A big thanks to Nancy and John, their time and advice really helped me do my best on these tests!”

“Thanks for all of the help! I started Academic Testing Advantage tutoring for the SAT hoping to get a high score on the first try and be done with testing for the year. Nancy and John were so helpful and taught me effective strategies to use on the test and apply the concepts that I had learned. On both the practice tests and the SAT itself I did not get the score I had been hoping for but Nancy suggested that the ACT could be a better fit. Following her advice I switched my focus to the ACT and realized that it was much better suited to my learning style. Using what I had learned from tutoring and the confidence that I was now taking the right test for my strengths, I was able to get a 35 composite score on the ACT which has given me many more opportunities for my path after high school. Academic Testing Advantage helped me to identify my strong points and strengthen my weaknesses which help me through high school and beyond.”

“We wanted to let you and John know that my daughter raised her science score to a 31 and her math to a 33! She ended up with a super score of 34! Her sessions with John paid off. Many thanks for fitting her in and for your flexibility on the number of sessions.”

“I cannot thank you enough for being such an integral part of Hunter’s journey to college. You have pushed and inspired him to reach his potential. He and I both feel he would not have gotten his superior results without your tutoring approach and expertise.”

“I cannot recommend John and Nancy enough!  They have worked with both of my sons on prepping for their ACTs.  My boys, like many siblings, can be quite different, with varying degrees of academic success.  John and Nancy approached each individually and really worked to encourage and develop their strengths.  I know with my younger son, Nancy worked hard to find out what motivates him, what makes him “tick.”  She not only tutored my son the student, she worked with him as an individual to help him be his very best.  As a parent, this was invaluable to me.  At the end of the tutoring sessions, my sons and I really felt that Nancy and John were invested in and really cared about their futures.  We can’t wait to have John and Nancy work with our 14-year-old daughter in a couple of years!”

“Both our son’s colleges have replied immediately with $4,000 annual scholarships. While that might not sound like a windfall to some, he certainly would not have been offered that money before he came to you and John. These are their standard offers based on ACT scores alone. These academic scholarships are really a blessing. Will keep you posted! Just wanted to let you know how much your work is appreciated.”

“Our son got his ACT scores in the mail yesterday and he received a 30 composite score! His scores were surprising as his best score was English – typically his weakest area. He obtained a 34 in English (99%). Nancy, thanks for your help. Your coaching helped our son gain confidence in his test-taking ability.”

“We were extremely pleased with the outcome of our daughter’s tutoring for the ACT received by John and Nancy. She is one of those incredibly hard working students who managed to get good grades which were not reflected in her standardized test scores.

She requested to take one of those full courses her Junior year which was expensive, time consuming and showed little improvement with her scores. She then requested a tutor for the ACT the summer before her senior year. We found Nancy and John and they agreed to worth with her.

Within a month of 6 sessions our daughter retook the ACT and improved her score by 4 points. It built her confidence. She has been accepted into all her college choices and has had generous scholarship offers as well. We feel very grateful for the professional tutoring our daughter received from John and Nancy and would recommend them to any high school student who is motivated to improve their score.”

“John is amazing. When our daughter, who usually gets straight A’s, started the first semester of Honors Algebra II with a D, we knew we needed help. We contracted for 6 sessions and the change was immediate … an A on the next test, more confidence and such a feeling of appreciation that someone would help her. She ended the semester with a B-. Needless to say, we signed up for 6 more sessions. John is knowledgeable, prompt, caring, and conscientious.”

“John was wonderful to work with, both for us and for our son. He was very punctual, dependable, friendly, and professional. During his sophomore year, our son worked with John for 6 sessions and was able to bring his Algebra 2 grade from a C to an A! John had a very relaxed, friendly manner with our son, who at first was reluctant to have a tutor and grew to really like and respect John. We were especially appreciative that John took the time to understand our son, his particular needs, and then tailor the tutoring to target both our son’s style and our son’s particular math needs. We highly recommend him! ”

“Before working with John I was getting a D in Advanced Alegra II. My regular teacher’s style was not working for me for some reason. After my first session with John he told me that it was very obvious that I had the ability to comprehend the material and that we should try some other ways. He explained the concepts at many levels, first using very basic overviews and ideas then, to a deeper understanding. I had been memorizing the formulae but did not know where they came from, or their “why.” Knowing this, after John’s help, I was not only better able to do the straightforward (easy) problems but was better able to apply the concepts to other harder problems that required the deeper understanding. John knew exactly how I best learned. He also used interesting computer model animations that made many of the concepts more alive and visable. John should be in a regular classroom so 25 students can benefit at once. He did the trick for me. I ended up with a high B, just missing an A.”

“John and Nancy helped our daughter with ACT test preparation. We thought about one of those Kaplan/Princeton type courses, but after speaking with them, we decided that the personal, very directed one on one time was money better spent. Our daughter did about 3 math, 2 sciences sessions and 3 Reading/Compression sessions (3 practice tests in all) and each time there was improvement. They expained that these tests are very much about how to take the tests. They shared many tricks and techiques that were not obvious otherwise. Our daughter took the ACT for real recently and improved her score considerably. She and we were very happy for the extra advantage of experienced and individualized help.”

“Our son is certainly smart enough to understand his math course (getting A’s in all other courses), but his overconfidence led to a denial of the difficulty he was having. He would always say he knew the material, but did poorly on the tests anyway. John sat with us for his first hour (always a free orientation) and we all came to the conclusion that we should give some sessions a try. Why not? John is more than a math teacher. He is a coach and mentor working with many issues that often manifest in bad school grades. (It’s hardly ever just about the math he says.) There was a lot of trust building, setting of goals, and measured progess which lead to more confidence, success, which fed motivation. My son moved from a high D to a high B in a few more that a half dozen sessions. My son now also understands a bit better about how his overconfidence can sometimes get in the way. He seems more humble about it and has a better work ethic about it. John is very good at what he does. As he says, “It is not enough to just do the math. More is going on than just the math.” We hope he has room in his schedule for us again next semester.”