Test Preparation

Your performance on the standardized tests for college admission is tremendously important for your future. To a great degree, these exams test your ability to take these particular tests. Standard test preparation classes are available, but we have found that individual one-on-one attention is much more cost effective. Each student is different and needs different coaching and skill remediation.

To help you prepare for the ACT or SAT you take up to 6 practice tests. These are actual tests given in prior years. You take these tests in the allotted time so you can hone your time management strategies. You then score the test yourself. After each test, we conduct a session with you to review the problems you got wrong.

Students are required to obtain either one of the following books for the practice tests:

In the context of questions you missed on the practice test, we cover:

  • How you approach problems of that kind.
  • How to do that particular problem correctly.
  • Tricks and strategies for using the figures and diagrams to your advantage.
  • How to eliminate clearly wrong answers from the multiple choice.
  • How to do the problem more quickly.
  • How to better manage your time with “hold ’em” and “fold ’em” strategies.

During our sessions, you acquire a “bag of tricks and techniques” that you then apply to the next practice test you take. Once you know how these tests work you are likely to increase your scores.